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Polytrauma occurs when a person suffers multiple traumatic injuries to the body and possibly internal organs. Such injuries can include serious fractures, burns and head injuries and are very complicated due to the requirement to treat, support and rehabilitate a number of different injuries.

This type of injury is very common in motor accidents due to the speeds involved and where life threatening/very serious injuries are identified, it will be appropriate to transfer the victim to a major trauma centre, where they can receive specialist consultant led care.

Due to the complicated nature of these injuries, those who are injured can have very serious impairments requiring substantial support from family, friends and professional support. Such support would normally take the form of case management, which would be overseen by experienced case managers who are able to identify your immediate needs with a view to putting in to place a plan to provide the treatment and support you need to help you regain your independence.

Robert James solicitors are skilled at providing the necessary support when you need it most. In doing so, we have access to a network or highly qualified case managers who can undertake immediate needs assessments at short notice with a view to determining what support you will require to help you back on your feet.

Robert James Solicitors have over 25 years’ experience and an excellent track record of supporting clients in making Poly Trauma claims. If you or your loved ones require legal advice and support on how best to proceed with a Poly Trauma claim, call one of our specialist solicitors on 0151 559 0120 or complete our online claim form and one of our solicitors will call you back.

Good to Know

Frequently asked questions related to Poly Trauma are answered below. If you have any other questions about Serious Injury Claims, contact us for further information and advice.

How will I pay my bills after polytrauma?

With more and more people living month-to-month, suffering from severe injuries can cause great financial uncertainty, particularly if this necessitates a period of absence from work.

If you have no entitlement to sick pay then this can often mean that families lose their only household income and with bills to pay, this adds additional stress at a time when you will already be under tremendous pressure.

In such circumstances a request for an interim payment should be submitted to the defendant insurer without delay. Such payments are an advance payment against the final settlement awarded at the conclusion of your case.

The court may make an award for an interim payment where the defendant has admitted liability to pay damages to the you and the court is satisfied that you would receive a substantial amount of money from the defendant. Robert James solicitors have significant experience of securing substantial interim payments for clients to fund their immediate financial needs and to cover the cost of case management, support and treatment.

Robert James solicitors also have links with benefits advisers who are able to offer advice regarding available benefits and support for those who are victims of brain injury.

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